D4K’s TEAM Program Application Form



Form may be sent as an email attachment to: mary_herbst@hotmail.com

PLEASE let us know if you would like to be considered for a particular clinic.  For a list of upcoming clinics, please visit http://www.dressage4kids.org/events-3/.

PDF Version: PDF Application


Today’s date:

Date of Birth (Age requirement: must not reach age 22 before Dec 31):
Street Address:







E-mail address:




Instructor’s Name:

Instructor’s email address:


Feel free to use additional paper. Please be concise in your answers.


  1. How many years have you been studying dressage?


  1. Highest level competed?


  1. Name of horse(s):


  1. Level currently competing


  1. Provide a list of your major riding accomplishments.










  1. If applicable, please provide your horse industry related employment experience(s). Give the name of the employer/organization, hours worked per week, how long you were employed and what your job title/duties were.










  1. List any extracurricular school activities and/or school related honors/awards you have received.










  1. What do you hope to be doing five years after you finish your education?










  1. If you are accepted into this program, what do you expect to gain from the clinics?












  1. Why should you be selected into this program?










Provide one (1) letter of recommendation from the dressage/horse industry. Please have the letters sent by email to: mary_herbst@hotmail.com



Post an uninterrupted four minute (maximum) video of you riding. This video must include:

one free walk to medium walk transition

one walk pirouette or turn on the forehand

one zig zag in leg yield or trot half pass

one walk to canter

one canter to walk or prompt canter to trot to walk

one transition into and out of a canter lengthening

one stretching in trot or canter anything else you want to show


The selection committee will be looking for the correctness of the riders seat, connection to the horse, timing of aids, use of half halts, and adaptability.


Application Fee: $20 per rider (non-refundable)

Application fee is payable online at:

Online payment


There will be an additional fee for clinics. There will also be stabling charges at the clinic and riders will be responsible for their own housing and meals.

REFUNDS: The Application Fee is non-refundable.

Email application to: mary_herbst@hotmail.com


To pay D4K’s TEAM Program Application fee via Credit Card:





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